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Even manufacturing facilities can be part of the solar revolution. Just think how much money could be saved by running all your machinery off solar PV panels! Find out more in our free guide “The Five Things You Must Consider When Getting Solar Panels For Your Property” 
SolarWorld Products have been one of D & J Roofing & Solar's prefered choices of Solar Products for many years now. 
In a very short period period of time, Dave from D& J Roofing and Solar witnessed SolarWorld AG rapidly grow from a mere wholesale company to a reputable solar provider. 
Providing everything from raw materials to solar wafers, solar cells, solar modules right up to high-quality turnkey solar power plants. 
SolarWorld as a company today, benefits from the fact that it pioneered the full solar value chain system: 
All of SolarWorld's factories are modern and equiped for all phases of production to provide a full service to the solar markets needs. 
SolarWorld also insists on driving solar power technology development at all levels, in it's own in-house facilities. 
SolarWorld. Top-rated-and for good reason 
OKO- Test rated "excellent" 
TUV power controlled 
10 year product workmanship guarantee 
25 year linear performance guarantee 
30 years of production experience 
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Are Solar panels  
actually of any benefit? 
Solar Power is FREE Power once your Solar Panels have been paid for: 
All of your electricity up to the amount your panels are producing is FREE to use. 
You will be paid for every Kilowatt of Electricity your panels produce. 
You will be paid for all of the electricity you personally use. 
Is it just a  
“I’m helping the planet” thing? 
Here in the UK there seems to be a nationwide lack of understanding and sometimes misconception regarding Solar power, and lets be honest, why would anyone invest their money into something they don’t fully understand or truly believe will give them a good return on their money? 
It seems there are lots of really basic questions about Solar Power that need to be answered. 
We are here to provide you with simple, easy to understand facts that will allow you to make a conscious choice as to whether Solar Power is really right for you? 
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