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New stats show 17% decline in numbers of UK chefs

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Chefs in the UK are declining for the first time in eight years. New stats show a 17% decline in numbers of UK chefs compared to last year. A shock right? The Luxury hospital Recruiter (The Change group) has done an analysis of the ONS employment data and concludes that to be very true. The data indicate that chefs in the UK have declined by 17% in comparison to last year. Overall, the number of workers working in the hospitality docket went down by 6%

Women are the most affected where a 39 % sharp decline was observed during the period with the men declining by only 10 %. This data implies that lady chefs are more compared to male chefs. First of all, around 56 % of the employees in the hospitality docket in the UK are ladies. However, 39% of the ladies take junior roles in the kitchen and some as catering assistants. In addition, 57 percent of the ladies employed in the docket work part-time compared to 33 percent of their male counterparts.

While there are many focuses within the catering industry, from venues to menus to stainless steel catering tables, making sure you have the right talent making your food is a vital component in having a strong food industry. It is worth noting that the info showed that managerial positions held by ladies are on the rise. For instance, lady bosses and publicans of licensed businesses and premises rose by 133 percent. This is from 9,000-21,000 employees.

Their male counterparts rose by a mere 11 percent which is from 18,000 to 20,000 workers. Concerning waiters and waitresses, they too have declined by a slight over 5%. In contrast, There is an increase in bar workers by around 11%. This said still leaves the women with most dominance in both house and bar roles where over 3 in 5 positions are held by female workers.

Craig Allen (director and founder of the group) agreed that ONS did a useful job in giving an overview of the state of employment in the industry which continues to face challenges sourcing talent. He also said that the data only proves that the industry needs more workers and especially chefs. The industry has continued to thrive recently and thus according to Craig, sourcing chefs is the real issue and not a decrease of posts in the field.

“Many ladies who are in managerial positions strongly shows that the hospitality docket is a great arena for the female talent. Female workers decreasing in the field is so sad at this time when females are really shining in the dining scene. This means that roles are supposed to be properly structured so as to make them more accessible to ladies throughout their careers

The main concern is on the immigration policy which must create vacancies for workers out of UK to come and fill these posts that Brits often do not consider up for grabs.

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